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Corporate Risk Advisory

Internal Audit

Our services, as Internal Auditors, contribute value to your organization by identifying operational improvement opportunities and increasing the effectiveness of operations by ensuring that the right internal controls and processes are in place.

We focus on addressing risks that affect the overall well-being of the organization’s objectives and strategies.

Our services are designed specifically to assist the Audit Committee of listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Singapore (“SGX”) to carry out their functions as prescribed in the Code of Corporate Governance by the Ministry of Finance (the “Code”).

The role of internal audit is to provide an objective evaluation of the system of internal control which management has responsibility for establishing to safeguard the shareholders’ investments and the organization’s assets.


Policies and Procedures Development

 With our competency and accumulated knowledge in internal control, we can help your company in setting up formalized policies and procedures for consistent application to enhance corporate governance or tighten internal control for purposes such as application for a listing on the SGX.

We adopt a systematic approach to the development of policy and procedure as follows:-

  • thorough interviews with process owners and documenting our understanding of the business
  • identification of control weaknesses
  • recommendation of control enhancements
  • discussion with management regarding the practicality of our recommended enhancements
  • drafting and finalising a set of policy and procedures which is practical and efficient

Our approach to the development of policy and procedure adds value to your business as we can help you to streamline your business and reduce your risk exposure. 


Administration of Whistle-blowing Programme

The Code calls for listed companies to set up a whistle-blowing policy.

As the administrator for your whistle-blowing programme, we can provide you with independent and secured channels for your staff to file these complaints.

Services provided include:

  • the setting up of whistle-blowing channels,
  • receipt and filtering of complaints,
  • responding to the whistle blower,
  • regular reporting of complaint status to the Audit Committee,
  • provide prompt reporting on significant complaints to Audit Committee, while ensuring the anonymity of the whistle-blower, and
  • upon request by the Audit Committee, we can also perform the related investigation work to establish the validity of the complaint and provide advisory services to the Audit Committee accordingly.


Quality Assurance for Internal Audit

We are suitably qualified to conduct quality assessment of internal audit department.

The Institute of Internal Auditors (“IIA”) has specified that for organizations to be compliant with the standards as prescribed by the IIA, an external assessment on their Internal Audit function before 1 January 2007 has to be carried out.



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