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Below are some projects which we were involved in:-


Project 1               Policies and procedures development

To get listed, we assisted this group of companies with local and overseas operations in developing and formalising a set of policy and procedures for the operations of the group to enhance its level of internal control.

We approached this project by first setting out to understand the Group’s businesses, processes and procedures. We proceeded to identify weaknesses in current procedures, highlight the potential risks and provide the management with practical recommendations to enhance control and minimise risks.

We also advised the Group in addressing the control issues identified by the reporting accountants and advised on the improvement methods and their implementation.


Project 2               Pre-IPO advisory

This IPO aspirant company with major overseas operations sought our assistance in assessing the level of compliance with the applicable accounting standards prior to audit by the reporting accountants.

After identifying potential problem areas, we were able to:-

  • reconstruct accounts from unorganised records,
  • work with system vendors in resolving customization, transition and implementation issues,
  • advise on internal controls and propose improvements,
  • advise on the preparation of accounting adjustments for GAAP alignment,
  • assist in preparing combined financial statements and forecast, and
  • ensure records are supported by documents.

We also advised the client in resolving issues as raised by various listing professionals.


Project 3               Accounting solutions and support services

The company had just completed the acquisition of the business and certain assets of a subdivision of another company (“Subdivision”). The difference in the accounting system used and accounts classification resulted in problems in the combination of the subdivision’s accounts to the Company’s accounts for reporting to the Head Office.

The company did not have the manpower resources to perform the exercise to align the subdivision’s accounts with that of the Company. We were able to immediately provide the necessary support services in ensuring the smooth merger of accounts by analysing the financial reports and records maintained by the subdivision, prepare the related reconciliation and align the different classification criteria based on the nature of accounts and transactions for the purpose of reporting to the Head Office.


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